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A Supportive Hug

Alida Lewis

Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT

Alida Lewis is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy,  and a Juris Doctor degree. A large percentage of experience has been gained from a mental health setting where clients were faced with varied mental and emotional problems, as well as individual contract work. Alida has the ability to provide clinical services to a client population, age range or diagnostic grouping based upon specific skills and experience. She has sat on Child Abuse Review Teams (C.A.R.T.) as well as Foster Care Review Boards. Alida has participated in other facets of counseling, such as court attendance. While trained in using the Duluth Model as it relates to domestic violence, Alida also holds certifications in Divorce Mediation, Sexual Assault Response - Victims Advocate, and Sexual Assault Response - Bystander. 

Options Counseling Services is prepared to work as diligently as needed to assist in providing you strength that matches and surpasses your days of being overwhelmed or overruled by the things in life that has encaged your freedom.

Mission Statement:  To provide comprehensive, confidential services for individuals, couples, or families who experience turmoil. To aide individuals, couples, or families in acquiring emotional and psychological freedom.

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