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Confucius once said, "To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right." This can be easily understood and seen through the many diversities of the family and particular pressures on these families which may affect their movement through the life cycle stages. Options Counseling Services, LLC is standing by awaiting the opportunity to assist you in your endeavor to put the world right in order, beginning with your family.


What role does the Christian faith play in counseling? Is there some form of engagement between psychology, counseling and Christianity? You may wonder how the mind, body, spirit and community play an active role in the development of a happy and healthy life.  Holistic living includes all of these.  If you are seeking assistance with overcoming problems, finding meaning and joy in life, becoming healthy and well-adjusted by seeking God's guidance through the use of the Bible, Options Counseling Services, LLC is available to minister scripture to those who face struggles in life or who desire such wisdom and God's direction.


It is recommended that couples start a program that will include a premarital inventory that provides feedback about the couple's strengths and areas of potential problems. Options Counseling Services, LLC is able to provide such a program. You will also receive training in conflict resolution, problem solving, and communication. You may be surprised at how many fears are dismantled. Thus, you can continue to strengthen your newly developed bonds and gain a better understanding of each other with marriage counseling, all the while developing the skill of thoughtful decision-making about many issues. Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy is oftentimes short-term and typically includes both partners, but can be done with one partner if he/she chooses to work alone.


Divorce ratios vary for many different reasons. Some of the cause can be attributed to financial struggle, a partners' level of education, religious belief or other factors. Consequently, statistics continue to state that 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce and that this number has remained the same for the past 30 years. Have you found yourself considering divorce? Has communication become negative? Has one or both partners considered having an affair? Are you already divorced? Options Counseling Services, LLC can provide assistance in all of these areas to include offering insight into the affects it has on child custody or elderly care.  Options Counseling Services, LLC is ready to provide an overview of pre-divorce mediation, an overview of what mediation sessions are like, custody and co-parenting visitation mediation, as well as an overview of settlement agreement preparation services. We can help you get through the financial, legal and emotional issues that are most often involved with divorce.

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It is said that the effects of death, both on the dying person and on the loves ones who are bereaved can be characterized by an emotional upheaval which can cause a decline in functioning. Therefore, grief can be a strong overwhelming emotion. Yet, it is a natural reaction to loss. Not only can it stem from the loss of a loved one in death, but can include loss due to the ending of an important relationship, job loss or the loss of independence through disability. Dependent upon the individual, the process of grief will vary. Therefore, the duration of grief can be determined by many factors. Options Counseling Services, LLC can assist you with understanding why you are suffering and help you adapt and adjust to a more stable recovery.


Adolescents are battling with issues such as peer pressure, gender identity, discrimination because of the color of their skin, teen pregnancy, drugs, violence, poverty, gangs, depression, mood changes and much more. Options Counseling Services, LLC can help with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social concerns that our youth face on a daily basis. Let us be there for you when adolescent experience becomes overwhelming. Options Counseling Services, LLC will work with families as they identify their primary health goals and their roles.


Options Counseling Services, LLC has the experience to deal with many different mental health issues. We counsel with emphasis on prevention. We work with individuals and groups to provide mental and emotional health. Options Counseling Services, LLC help clients manage and overcome mental and emotional disorders and problems with their family and relationships. We help the clients understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives. Options Counseling Services, LLC will assist with the evaluation of family roles and development, to assist with the understanding of how clients' families affect their mental health. Options Counseling Services, LLC is prepared to treat the clients' relationships, not just the clients themselves. So if you find yourself struggling with managing mental health, Options Counseling Services, LLC is here to provide assistance.


Like exercise, at times progress can be better achieved with a partner. It seems to be easier to endure when you know you are not alone. Options Counseling Services, LLC will be offering different forms of group. These groups will be designed to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, or making changes. An important and unique benefit of group therapy is the opportunity to receive feedback from other participants in a supportive environment. If you see one you are interested in, don't hesitate to jump in. You never know who you will make an impact upon.  It is rare to find friends who will gently point out how you might be behaving in ways that hurt yourself or others. The content of group sessions is confidential and members will agree not to identify other members or their concerns outside of group.


Early parent-child relationships have an effect on children’s emotional well-being, their basic coping and problem-solving abilities, and even future ability for forming healthy relationships. Through interactions with parents, children learn skills they need to engage with others and to succeed in different environments. They learn how to manage their emotions and behaviors and establish healthy relationships with adults and peers. Moreover, they learn how to adjust to new situations and to resolve conflicts. So if it feels like a tug of war or you find yourself at a stalemate, Options Counseling Services, LLC can provide you with tools to drill holes through those tough walls.


Family is one of the most solid units you can have, especially when all of its members are on the same page and walking in the same direction.  This strength in family unity will inevitably increase the family survival rate. This increase will serve as a precursor to the healthy growth of the children, thus producing citizens having a healthier outlook on life.  This better outlook will, without a doubt, begin to produce a decrease in the high percentage of anger/aggression/stress that we see. If you share the same thoughts, Options Counseling Services, LLC is here for you.

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For those with children, parenting can be a little challenging at times.  Parents often times have to deal with tears, tantrums, battles, fussy siblings and boundary setting all the while trying to keep calm. Options Counseling Services, LLC will provide parenting classes to assist with developing skills, design workshops to help parents explore some of the dos and don'ts of parenting, as well as how to effectively use and put these tools and strategies in action. Workshops will also be designed to help parents deepen their connection to their children and foster self-love, responsibility, resiliency and self-esteem.


Just like it says, "Co-Parenting Requires a Plan." A successful divorce is one in which the parents' divorce each other but not the child. Neither is the child required to divorce one or the other parents, either as a result of parental conflict or by one parent not being available to the child.  Thus, it is a strong fact that a child experiencing the dissolution of the family structure will do better if the parents are able to get along and reduce trauma in an already traumatic experience. Options Counseling Services, LLC is here guide you through this tough time and offer assistance with developing skills or strategies for dealing with problems that may arise as a result of co-parenting.


Entering into the adoption process can be frightening which may produce some residual effects but you can have a sense of balance and certainty. Believe it or not, counseling can help because sometimes families have issues that must be resolved before the integration of a child. Dependent upon the age, children may have emotional and behavioral needs of their own that could be challenging for even the most stable family.  Even when children have a positive adoption experience, they often feel some level of separation and loss or possibly even abandonment. Counseling can help you focus on the families and the child's specific needs and Options Counseling Services, LLC is here for such a time.


A blended family, for some, can be a difficult balance between the new spouse, the new stepchildren, and your own children, as well as the new in-laws. Though it may at times seem tough, harmony can be reached. Options Counseling Services, LLC can help you beat the odds in developing a successful blended family, helping to overcome the barriers while helping you to understand and embrace the step-family dynamics.

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To better understand the behavior of an individual, many counselors may apply cognitive behavioral therapy. Behavioral Health is a goal-oriented approach that helps clients understand harmful thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and replace them with positive, life-enhancing ones. Furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy teaches clients to eliminate unwanted and damaging behaviors and to replace them with more productive ones. While some behaviors can be overcome, others need to be managed. With the latter, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists help the client develop strategies and skills to minimize the effects of their behavior. Allow Options Counseling Services, LLC be the one to help in this area.


Dependence describes the abuse of drugs or alcohol that continues, even when significant problems related to the use has developed. Some signs of dependence may include tolerance or a need to increase the amount of the drug to get an effect, spending an excessive amount of time trying to obtain, use, and recover from the effects of using drugs, withdrawal symptoms that happen if you decrease or stop using the drug, or that you find difficult to cut down or quit. Help is available. Contact Options Counseling Services, LLC for assistance.


Collect information about clients through interviews and observation aimed at assisting to restore equilibrium to their functioning and minimize the potential for psychological trauma. Allow Options Counseling Services, LLC to assist you in your personal trauma. Options Counseling Services, LLC will help with developing coping skills, social support where a person is making suicidal threats or experiencing personal loss. Options Counseling Services, LLC will refer clients or family members to community resources or to specialists as necessary. We will act as client advocates to coordinate required services or to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.


When struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. You may be experiencing difficulty with addressing the root cause of your addiction. Don’t give up—even if you’ve tried and failed before. The road to recovery often involves bumps, pitfalls, and setbacks. For many people struggling with addiction, the biggest and toughest step toward recovery is the very first one: deciding to make a change. If you are ready to examine the problem and think about change, you’re already on your way.  Be it known that it’s normal to feel conflicted about giving up your drug of choice, even when you realize it’s causing problems in your life. Change is never easy—and committing to sobriety involves changing many things, including the way you deal with stress, who you allow in your life, what you do in your free time, and how you think about yourself. Let Options Counseling Services, LLC assist you on your path.


Eating disorders can sometimes be characterized as a group of conditions whereby an individual is preoccupied with food and weight and can't focus on anything else. Contact Options Counseling Services, LLC and allow us to provide counseling to family members by assisting them in understanding, dealing with, or supporting clients or patients, by assisting with helping to exchange unhealthy habits for healthy ones, assisting with developing problem solving sills, and exploring healthy ways to cope with stressful situations.


Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a domestic relationship to control the other. First, abuse is never okay. Second, you are not alone. Options Counseling Services, LLC will meet with families, probation officers, police, or other interested parties to exchange necessary information during the counseling process.


You may have said, "I hate my job", "I don't make enough money", "My career isn't challenging enough", "My job is too difficult for me", "Do I have to really relocate," or "I'm bored with my career." Career Counseling can help you explore career choices, career change, and personal career development. If you are ready for change, allow Options Counseling Services, LLC the opportunity to assist you with making complex decisions as you face difficult situations.

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